Foot Functional Electrical Stimulation Rehabilitation Equipment

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1000 Set/Sets per Year
Shenzhen, China
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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Model Number:
Product Name:
Walk Aids for Drop foot
Type BF Equipment
99mm x 65mm x 20mm
Power Source:
DC3.7V, rechargeable lithium battery
Pulse Width:
25-300 microseconds
16-33 Hz
Wave form:
Asymmetrical balanced biphasic wave
1 Year
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Packaging Details
portable EVA box
Delivery Time
3 days

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XFT-2001D Foot Drop System (Foot Drop Stimulator ) is an FES (Functional Electrical stimulation) device for treatment of foot drop.


1.The  XFT-2001D Foot Drop System(Foot Drop Stimulator ) is a functional electrical stimulation (FES) or Neuro Rehabilitation device for the treatment of foot drop or Dropped Foot caused by Brain or Spinal diseases or Trauma, such as Stroke (CVA), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Brain Tumor, or Cerebral Palsy (CP). The XFT-2001D Foot Drop System(Foot Drop Stimulator ) is intended to provide ankle dorsiflexion in individuals with foot drop.


2. The  XFT-2001D Foot Drop System utilizes intelli-sensor technology and functional electrical stimulation (FES) to analyze the movement of the leg and stimulate the appropriate nerves, prompting the foot to lift with every step.


3.Seamless Bluetooth connectivity.


4. Wear almost any type of shoe, convenient and comfortable.


5. Reduced atrophy, reduced spasticity in the calf and quadriceps muscle.


6.Increased walking speed. Improve gait quality and muscle condition.


7.Greater walking range of mobility.



What is Foot Drop System XFT-2001D?


The Foot Drop SystemXFT-2001D is a single channel, tilt or foot sensor switch controlled

neuromuscular stimulator designed to correct dropped foot. Self adhesive skin electrodes are placed on the side of the leg over a nerve called the common peroneal.


Stimulation causes the foot to lift (dorsiflexion) and tilt slightly (eversion). Electrodepositions can also be chosen that produces a reflex action, adding knee and hip flexion. Stimulation also can be timed to walking by using a pressure switch placed in the shoe under the heel. Stimulation begins when the heel is lifted from the ground and ends just after heel strike. Stimulation causes the foot to lift and stabilises the ankle when the foot is returned to the ground.



Who can use Foot Drop SystemXFT-2001D?


Foot Drop System XFT-2001D can be effective where movement has been lost due to nerve injury / disease within the brain or spinal cord. This is called an upper motor neuron lesion. If you are experiencing foot drop (drop foot), paralysis or paresis as a result of a Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury or Spinal Cord Injury, you may benefit by using Foot Drop SystemXFT-2001D. The Foot Drop System is also used by clinicians as a FES tool for variety Neuro rehabilitation.



PLEASE NOTE: Foot Drop SystemXFT-2001D is not suitable for lower motor neuron conditions. This is where the nerve that runs from the spinal cord to the muscle is damaged. This is the case in conditions such as:

Peripheral nerve lesions

  1.  Poliomyelitis (Polio)
  2.  Motor neuron disease
  3.  Guillain-Barre syndrome  

Regular use of the Foot Drop System XFT-2001D will give:

  • Improved ground clearance;
  • Reduced tripping and falls;
  • Reduced compensatory movements such as hip hitching or circumduction (swing the leg out side ways);
  • Reduced effort of walking;
  • Reduced spasticity in the calf and quadriceps muscle;
  • Increased walking speed;
  • Heel strike with eversion;
  • Improves the position of the foot in weight bearing resulting in greater stability in stance;
  • Greater walking range of mobility;
  • Greater safety, confidence and independence while walking;
  • Long term therapeutic benefit resulting in improved unaided walk .




Product name
Latest Foot Drop System
Type BF Equipment
Power supply
DC3.7V, rechargeable lithium battery
Maximum Current
90 mA
Max Voltage
90 V
Pulse Width
100-300 microseconds (±10%)
16.7-40 Hz (±10%)
Wave form
Asymmetrical balanced biphasic wave
75 x 70 x 10mm
43 g
Service life
5 years




All XFT products are provided with one year warranty starting from the date of purchasing.

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